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2 years ago

Why Dubstep is Here to STAY!

Why Dubstep is Here to STAY!

Today I wanted to talk about something that is very VERY important and dear to my heart, because I am sick of hearing all the naysayers and the haters spout their BS about dubstep and its future. Let me get one thing straight, let me get this off my chest right off the bat: DUBSTEP MUSIC IS HERE TO STAY. That's right, I said it and I said it loud and proud, its here to stay baby and here is why....

The top 3 reasons why Dubstep is HERE to stay.

1) Dubstep music adds a much needed contrast to the already available electronic and pop music. If you haven't already noticed, electronic music is now a mainstay in our popular music scene. Almost every artist has a techno track, and that 4 to the floor beat has become as familiar as the rocknroll beat was at one time. It is so deeply ingrained in our culture now that we don't even think about it. Dubstep however adds a much needed contrast to this beat. It is broken and slower and is far more interesting rhythmically. The dubstep beat at least, if not the musical style, seems like it is the future of music. The rhythmic structure of the dubstep beat is unlike anything we have experienced before and I believe that it will be the next development in pop music. It is now to pop music what the techno beat was to pop music 15 years ago. Mark my words.

2) Main stream artists are taking notice of dubstep music. They have begun to sign on big dubstep artists to do remixes and to even produce some of their non-dubstep tracks to try and get that hard and clean production style that dubstep producers are known for. There are even some really massive stars that want to get in to dubstep djing and production (who would have thought!!) so if they are into it, then you can guarantee that the masses will follow and will continue to want new dubstep music. Don't forget that this style of music isn't anything new, it has been evolving for almost 20 years now and has only just now come to the forefront, where will it evolve next? I'm not sure, but to think it will go stale and simply sink into the abyss is narrow minded.

3) There is no shortage of dubstep makers and music producers. Infact new dubstep maker software is being released all of the time and I can't see this creative community of artists, musicians, DJs, and producers going anywhere any time soon. As long as they keep pushing themselves to create more and more music, and they keep developing and evolving what dubstep music is, then I can't see the demand for this music drying up anytime soon. If there's one thing that the year 2013 has shown so far it's that dubstep music is only becoming more and more entrenched in the music scene. Artists like skrillex and benga have continued to gain more and more attention and respect in the wider electronic and pop music scenes and this isn't going to go away.

As you can see there are many solid reasons that dubstep will continue to be a force to be reckoned with going into the future. So if you are a lover of this style of music then fear not because it isn't going anywhere, I promise. However if you are a hater, then be prepared to eat your words over the next few years.


2 years ago

My Dubstep Maker Blog

This is my Dubstep Maker Blog!

I'm going to share a ton of knowledge on how to become a better dubstep maker by increasing your music production skills, and your music composition skills. My goal is to take my kowledge and experience and translate it to you as best as possbile so that you can make killer dubstep. The funny thing is that when I was debating about whether or not to even start this blog, a friend of mine who wanted to get into dubstep showed up at my house last week after I hadn't seen him in years. He's a musician who just finished college but has been totally into electronic music production lately. His only problem was that he wasn't quite sure how to get that dubstep sound...




That's when I started to show him the ropes, explaining how to get that perfect dubstep bass drop, how to get really snappy snares in the high end, how to compress your drums perfectly so they really pop out of the speakers at you as if you were Benga or Skrillex. The thing is that these skills don't come easy, especially with dubstep because it's a little bit different than most genres of techno music. See, it has a different rhythmic structure which requires that you produce the beats just a little bit differently than you might be used to.



For instance, when making dubstep, you have to remember that your beats are in a half time rhythm. This means that the kick drum falls on the 1 beats only instead of the 1 and 3 beats. And your snare drum falls on the 3 beat only instead of the 2 & 4...



It's simple things like these that this blog is going to teach you, and I hope you learn a ton about how to make dustep. I'm also going to show you which dubstep maker software and tools I think are the best for creating and producing this style of music. So if you have any questions about that don't worry because I will definitely get to that stuff eventually.


dubstepmakerCreating Dubstep is what I live for. I live dubstep, I eat dubstep, I breathe dubstep, and of course I make dubstep. This blog is to help people who want to learn music production and beat making!
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